Solutions for Foreign Trade

Solutions for Foreign Trade

Digital signature, as reliable as an autograph one

Not so long ago, setting one’s hand was an irreplaceable symbol of reliability and commitment, whether to enter into an agreement, to issue a check, or to…

A new integral Comex solution tool

We have been working to provide a comprehensive solution for foreign trade transactions. This implies not only a simple, intuitive, and fast SRD functionality, but also the possibility of managing COMEX …

Digital Transformation


Document Management

It is a software solution to handle, manage, preserve, publish, and work on electronic documents (either scanned or digitally created). Recently, the huge volumes, the complex …


Foreign Trade

Our company was created to provide software and customs documents digitalization solutions. Today, foreign trade is our major customer, and we are engaged in developing…


Digital Signature

The digital signature is a technological tool used to give all electronic documents the same legal validity than the printed documents autographically signed.