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Computer Security

The protection of both information and identity is crucial for any company’s responsibility approach. To do so, Lakaut has entered into an alliance with GlobalSign to introduce the latest digital certification solutions and services in the Argentine market with a view to offering protection to websites, applications, and electronic mail, as well as information protection services.

An SSL Certificate is a portion of the web server code that provides security to online communications. When a browser gets in contact with a secure website, the SSL certificate allows encrypted connections.

In our daily life, where Internet plays a key role, it is usual to check how connections between web browsers and web servers through non-secure Internet connections use SSL technology. Technically speaking, the SSL protocol is a transparent method that allows having a secure session that demands minimal action by the end user.

The protection of information is central to the responsibility of each company. To do this, Lakaut partnered with GlobalSign to bring the most modern solutions.


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