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Code Signer

Software providers and developers can digitally sign and date the software they distribute on the Internet. Code signature certificates are digital data files that give developers the capability to digitally sign or associate their authenticated developer’s identity with the software they distribute. Every certificate include complete dating service to ensure the digital signature does not expire and that they are also compatible with most development platforms.

  • It eliminates emerging “Unknown Developer” windows in Internet Explorer and Windows operating systems.
  • Free and complete date-stamping service,* including code date stamping to avoid signature’s expiration.
  • Compatible with all development platforms.
  • Savings in subscriptions for several years. Save up to 20% when purchasing certificates for a two-year term, avoiding annual renewals.
  • Responsibility Program with guarantee for USD 100,000.
  • Technical service: Contact with specialized technical experts either by phone or by e-mail.
  • Accredited by WebTrust Certification Authority since 2002.

The protection of information is central to the responsibility of each company. To do this, Lakaut partnered with GlobalSign to bring the most modern solutions.


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