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SSL Manageable Account

Manage the entire life cycle of your company’s SSL certificate using the SSL certificate manageable service. With it, you may issue, reissue, renew, or revoke the different certificates issued for different corporate divisions or branches.

The growing need to rely on higher security levels usually has a significant impact on budgets, times, and management resources for companies. A clear example of it is the introduction of Public Key Infrastructure solutions (PKI). Certainly, this type of solutions demands new investment in software, hardware, and both computing and administrative resources for an effective deployment. Therefore, most organizations prefer to outsource this service, and choose to rely on certificate service providers offering them comprehensive management services.

Managing multiple SSL certificates may be both complex and expensive. Inspection of highly reliable SSL certificates using traditional procedures may result in long registration and verification times for organizations and providers concerning each certificate they may acquire. In addition, administrators must constantly follow up different expiration dates. In fact, in one year, administrators may devote many days just to acquire and renew SSL certificates.

  • There is no instant view disclosing the number of active certificates.
  • Certificates expire on different dates, and may expose customers to notices that may adversely affect their brand and good standing, for example an “expired certificate” notice.
  • It is necessary to constantly issue purchase orders, obtain approvals, file and pay invoices from providers, etc.
  • Even though a large number of SSL certificates are acquired, no discount is automatically given.
  • No expenses associated with infrastructure or personnel.
  • Complete certificate life cycle management.
  • Prior domain inspection allows instant issuance.
  • Discounts in certificates.
  • Advanced administration and delegated approval model.
  • Public request URL.
  • Complete invoicing management.
  • Notification and exhaustive auditing functions.
  • XML-based API.
  • Dedicated account manager.

Centralized management

Register several companies, branches, or individual departments under one single account creating different “profiles.” This service is the right option for “umbrella” entities that need to manage certificates for several subgroups because it allows monitoring and managing every activity from one centralized account.

The SSL Certificates commonly use RSA keys. Yet, their recommended size keeps on growing (for instance, from 1024 to 2048 bits a few years ago) to maintain sufficient cryptographic resistance. An alternative to the RSA is the ECC. Both share the same critical feature. They are asymmetrical algorithms (a key for encryption and one for unencryption). Yet, ECC can offer the same powerful cryptography level but with smaller files, thus offering enhanced security with less computing requirements.

What is the ECC?

ECC means Elliptic Curve Cryptography and is similar to public key cryptography based on elliptic curves on finite fields (there is a large series of messages in mathematics behind this).

It allows establishing user functions and privileges for specific profiles in the company or even for a specific domain inside a profile, thus making it possible to control much better the employees who have an authorization to request, approve, renew, and revoke certificates.

The protection of information is central to the responsibility of each company. To do this, Lakaut partnered with GlobalSign to bring the most modern solutions.


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