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Digital Signature

The digital signature is a technological tool used to give all electronic documents the same legal validity than the printed documents autographically signed. It links the signatory with an electronic document issued by a licensed certifier.

This cryptographic mechanism applied to an electronic document makes it possible to ensure its origin, check the contents have not been altered after being signed. In addition, it ensures the signature is neither repudiated nor disavowed.

To digitally sign a document, two associated keys are needed. One of them is a private key, and the other a public one. The private key is secret and is under the exclusive control of the signatory, while the public key is in the digital certificate, together with the signatory’s data, and it can be used by the document’s recipient to verify the signatory’s origin.

  • It ensures the authorship and the identity of the individual who signs the document, as well as the integrity of an electronic document.
  • It helps you perform legal formalities any time, without the need to leave your office.
  • It avoids postal mailing costs in the case of documents signed by a number of people.
  • It processes signatures of multiple documents much faster.
  • It makes process management more agile, and improves document management.
  • It allows signing without being physically present in an act with other people.
  • It allows signing legally valid budgets and electronic invoices that need to be sent online.
  • It eliminates the use of paper and protects the environment.

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