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ECM KiaDoc

It is the latest and most agile document management web platform available in the market. It was created as a product intended to promote efficiency in each of its own business processes, safeguarding all the organization’s documents in a secure, reliable, and private way.

The software allows managing documents efficiently. The application allows finding any type of document you may have safeguarded or any document our digitalization plant may have created using different search criteria.

The documents sent to our company can be classified following different criteria, including bar codes, QRCodes, text, patches, Zone or Full OCR. In addition, more than one series of documents can be managed using the fields deemed necessary.

Electronic Document Management Solution



It is the document management web platform that safeguards in a private and secure way all your organization’s documents.

The main advantages of this service include:

  • Customized life cycle (status, actions, and event triggering)
  • Comments in the documents and addition of contents.
  • Tagging of documents and metadata editing.
  • Exports to Excel / Pdf.
  • Document blocks for editing purposes.
  • Advanced search using filters and sorting.
  • Document viewer.
  • Advanced profile, role, and user management.
  • Auditing tool at the document and global levels.
  • Integrity: Documents are not stored on a database. Therefore, it makes backup policies easier. However, databases store the codes that make it possible to detect any contents alteration.
  • Integration API REST


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