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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How to begin the process

You must complete the online Certificate application and make the relevant payment. Then, we will send the receipt via electronic mail, and we will set an appointment date.

Yes. We need to count on the presence of the signature’s owner to verify his identity, and give him the token.

Only for Hardware (token)

Documents sent via electronic mail are only used to issue the invoice. Therefore, signing the documents is not necessary.

You must complete a new application. Yet, when introducing your e-mail address, you should use a capital letter somewhere in your e-mail address or else change a character in your e-mail address so that it is not rejected. If you wrote, you can now change it to EJEMPLO@LAKAUT.COM.AR

After the appointment

Please refer to the “Primer uso del token” Manual (First Token Use)

According to the provisions of the Digital Signature Act N. º 25,506 and the relevant consistent standards, the password CANNOT be reset.

Forgetting the password results in the obligation to revoke the digital certificate already issued and, consequently, in the need to ask for a new digital signature. Therefore, the new signature should be previously paid.

When you lose the token, the private key is no longer under the exclusive responsibility of its owner.

This means that the digital certificate hosted in such token should be revoked and a new one should be obtained. Should this be the case, the price of the token must be paid, in addition to the price for the new certificate, as this is a new digital signature.


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