Quality Policy - Lakaut

Comprehensive Information Quality And Security (ISO 9001/27001)

We are an Argentine company founded in 2009 specialized in document technology and engineering. We are leaders in smart document management. We can manage large volumes of digitalization workloads, digital and paper documents management and archiving; and, since 2015, we have been authorized to operate as Licensed Digital Signature Certifiers.


Our focus is to meet both the needs and the expectations of our customers. A key factor in management is quality, and it is also a priority in our business strategy. Moreover, they lay the foundations for both the mission and the vision of our business.

Our integrated management system is based on the compliance with the requirements set forth by the ISO 9001 and 27001 standards, as well as on the requirements suggested by our customers, guided by a scheme intended to boost continuous improvement in efficacy.

We base our quality management process on the good practices needed to ensure we honor our commitments and our efficient processes according to the ISO 9001 international guidelines. Thus, we have succeeded in introducing added value to our services.

Information is a critical asset for our services. This is the reason why there is an express commitment to protect your most valuable asset as part of a strategy aimed at business continuation, risk management, and strengthening of the culture of security.

The global information security policy is supported by specific policies, standards, and procedures that guide suitable management of any company’s information. In addition, specific information security policies are in place. In turn, the latter are based on the scope and control goals of the ISO 27001 international standards.

We forge strategic alliances with our suppliers to strengthen our capacity to provide solutions of excellence to our customers.

We give priority to providing education and training options to our staff to ensure their competence, helping them grow professionally and as human beings, as this, in turn, helps us increase the value of our services.

We also take care of the work environment. We have established ongoing communication channels with our collaborators. We have done so to meet their needs and to acknowledge their contribution to improve and to ensure a suitable work environment where honesty and professionalism are essential values.

We have an effective commitment with our community, and we have social interaction with the parties involved.
The Presidency sets forth this policy as an essential business strategic management tool. Moreover, it ensures disclosure, understanding, and compliance with it and its continued effect, providing suitable and sufficient resources for its observance.

Guillermo M. Cantini

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 27001:2013

It represents the international consensus with respect to the good quality management practices a company needs to efficiently manage its processes. This should entail an improvement in the products and services provided to customers with a view to enhancing their satisfaction.

It establishes the international security standards that companies should implement to suitably protect their information assets as well as those of their customers. It allows the development of information security management.


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