Intelligent Document Management

Customs Dispatch Digitalization process

1. Document reception

The customs agents must hand in the documents in the reception centers arranged by Lakaut all over the country. In the reception offices, the documentation status will be verified in order to notify to AFIP when the PSAD (filing and digitalization service supplier) has received the documents.

2. Preparation

The documentation is transferred from the reception centers to the digitalization plants where the digitalization process begins. We proceed to create a batch for each clearance received and the destination number is loaded as univocal and prime identification.

3. Digitalization, indexation and classification

  • Each file is assigned to a box
  • Each page is carefully scanned and the system gets the documents ready for their indexation and classification.
  • The quality of the images are checked
  • The images are indexed and classified
  • At the end of the process the Digitalization sector places the box at disposal in order to put each clearance back all together and be ready for storage.

4. Images Filing

The images are filed together with the indexation and classification camps applied to allow the search and integration by different criteria.

5. Available images

Clearances become available in our web application for inspection by Customs Brokers, Importers and Exporters.