Intelligent Document Management

Digitalization of Customs procedures

AFIP General Resolution N° 2573/09, established the Protection of Customs Documents Regime, stipulating to be followed by the Custom Brokers. It regulated the custody, filing and digitalization of customs documents under the heading of “loyal holder/trustee”.

Lakaut was homologated as the first Filing and Digitalization Service Provider, meeting all the requirements stipulated in the resolution.

As a Filing and Digitalization Service Provider, Lakaut guarantees the custody of the documents for a period of ten years as well as its availability with a digitalized format in the web for the same period during 24 hours, the 365 days of the year.

Through a web service system, we provide the Customs Agents, Importers and Exporters with a flexible, fast and safe access to all their information which can be consulted in their own database.

  • Traceability of customs documents: individualization, monitoring and identification of the customs handling in each of the moments in the process of receiving, invoicing, digitalizing and the custody.
  • Individual or gathered, daily, fortnightly or monthly invoicing according to the custom broker’s requirements. Guide or delivery docket of reception through folder.
  • Virtual Guide monitoring on line, allowing the customers to monitor the stages in which the delivered documents are: received, indexed, digitized.
  • Confidentiality Agreement of the delivered documents.
  • Building of file and searching systems.
  • Building of an electronic file per clearance which allows to add more documentation to a folder already scanned ( under the concept of “additional information”).
  • Exclusive web for ongoing queries about the clearances. The system allows the importers and exporters to have their own access to see their documents.
  • Physical Preservation of files for 10 years.

The benefits obtained by this service are:

  • Faster and more comfortable access to the documents.
  • It reduces operative costs such as man-work hours and supplies required by the searching and copying of the needed documents.
  • It guarantees a better and more flexible control of documents providing different levels of safety.
  • The system controls the access and monitors all the users’ transactions including queries and obtained results.
  • Saving of storage capacity, allowing the use of capacity devoted exclusively to the filing of unproductive paper to other purpose.
  • Recovery in case of disaster, offering an easy way to do backups of the documents.
  • Easily turned into printed material.
  • Preservation of the original documents.
  • More ecological.