Intelligent Document Management

Document Physical Storage

Your company’s documents are of great value. But they can run risks such as being lost; suffer any catastrophe or climatic accidents. That is why, in Lakaut we offer the Document Physical Storage in order to protect and store the documentation while at the same time, allowing the saving of space room.

Our physical storage has:

  • Power generators
  • Fire protection areas executed by prevention, early detection and fire extinction Systems
  • Staff and brigades trained to fight catastrophes
  • Physical safety 24 hours by specialized staff.
  • TV internal and external circuits monitored and recorded 24 hours.
  • Insulating panels which protect the documentation from climatic actions and put the keeping of documents into risk, avoiding the most common cases of humidity.

Besides, our plant follows the regulations below:

  • IRAM 11602 y 11625
  • Euro regulations and NFPA regulations (USA) specifically for high-risks enviorement.
  • ISO 9001-2000 Certification