Intelligent Document Management

Workflow and Tailored-made Documental Management Applications provision

What is Workflow?

Workflow is the study of the operational aspects of a working activity: how it is structured, how it is made, which its consecutive order is, how it is synchronized, how the information in charge of the tasks flows and how the monitoring of the achievement of the tasks is done.


A workflow application automatizes the sequence of actions, activities and tasks used to carry out the process, including the monitoring of the state of each of the stages and the inclusion of the necessary tools to manage it.

In the case of documental managers, workflows allow the revision, approval and signing (by means of a digital signature) of documents in a cooperative way, in big companies in different branches, with no need to do all these processes on physical documents or files (in paper) but they can be done and monitored much more efficiently within the software or intranet.

What are the advantages of Workflow?

Within the different advantages the workflow engines provide is the increase of efficiency: each documental manager user is able to know the pending tasks, that is those documents which other users have asked for revision, opinion, approval, digital signature, etc. In this way the system users do not abuse of tools such as e-mails to send or check hundreds of attachments which end up having different versions in the different local computers.

In the same way, as far as physical documents in paper are concerned, the advantages will be greater since the documents do not travel from table to table or venue to venue to be revised, modified or signed by different people, which may mean a number of working days to manage a file.

Each customer is different. That is the reason why we work with each of them to provide them with documental management solutions that adapt to their needs and the information load each company generates.

We work analyzing each business process and workflow in the organization to then build the most suitable documental management solution.