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SSL Certificates

The Secure Sockets Layer or SSL and the Transport Layer Security or TLS are the security protocols commonly used nowadays. They establish a secure path between two computers connected through the Internet or through an internal network.
In our daily life, where Internet plays a key role, it is usual to check how connections between web browsers and web servers through non-secure Internet connections use SSL technology. Technically speaking, the SSL protocol is a transparent method that allows having a secure session that demands minimal action by the end user.

In practice, the browser alerts the user about the presence of an SSL certificate showing a padlock icon or changing the color of the browser bar to green. If it is an extended validation SSL certificate, the browser will show both the padlock and the green browser bar. This is the reason behind the success of the SSL protocol: It is an amazingly simple experience for end users.

La protección de la información es central en la responsabilidad de cada empresa. Para ello, Lakaut se asoció a GlobalSign a fin de traer las soluciones más modernas.


SSL Extended Certificate

In the last few years, we have witnessed an unprecedented outburst in the number of fraudulent web pages and phishing attacks.

In 2005, the main Certification Authorities, hand in hand with the major browser providers, met to create the CA/B Forum, an agency established to standardize future SSL certificate issuance procedures.


SSL Organization Certificate

To acquire this product, the company should go through a validation process, which may sometimes imply documents’ review and may require checking third parties’ databases.

The certificate offers a higher security and reliability level of the owner’s identity, as the certificate itself includes the company’s data. The certificate is issued within …


SSL Wildcard Certificate

Save time, administrative errands, and also money adding the Wildcard SSL option. In general, the standard SSL certificates are issued for one single fully validated domain name. In addition, it safeguards any page that is fully dependent on such certified domain or subdomain. Activating the Wildcard SSL option will avoid such restriction, as you will receive …


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